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Surplus Machinery and Processing Equipment

We offer arrangements to suit your needs and desires whether liquidating a whole plant, a complete line, or just some accumulated idle machinery or processing equipment.

Plan A - Write you a cheque and we take it away:
We agree on a price, write you the cheque, and have our skilled engineers remove the equipment.

Plan B - Commission sale:
We evaluate the equipment, appraise the anticipated sales price, advertise, sell, and collect the funds for you, the customer, remove and relocate the equipment from your premises, on an agreed commission basis.

Plan C - Consignment sale:
We fix a price for the equipment, and sell it from your premises or take it to our warehouse and sell it on an agreed commission, plus handling costs.

We can work with you on any of the above ways, or create a special arrangement, to better suit your needs. Either telephone us on the number below, or fill in the short form on the right.

Surplus Machinery Form

Please use this form to tell us about any surplus machinery/equipment you have:

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