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Image Iddon 60mm CFE

Iddon 2.5” WX Cold Feed Extruder. With roller feed. 10:1 LD Ratio Motor – Reyrolle Holmes AC Commutator – 20.4/5.5 HP 1500/400 RPM V Belt Drive Gearbox – Radicon 25:1. With new control panel.

Image Troester 90mm CFE

Troester 90mm coldfeed rubber extruder M/c nos. 250000/85 power roller feed, Screw length: 1500mm, L/D ratio 16:1, vacuum vented (without pump), 2 speed gearbox, with Anton Pillar 55kW AC Commutator type variable speed motor, Old type 5 z...

Image Bridge 4.5inch CFE

Bridge. 4.5 inch Cold Feed Extruder M/C No. 73M0532 12-1 LD ratio. with Roller Feed. Over-head feeding rolls. Motor. 110KW 1500RPM. Swing slot-die head.

Image Kobelco TSR330 Twin Screw Extruder/Roller Die

1  x Kobelco Twin Screw Roller Head Extruder, Model TSR-330 Roller die assembly (TSR-33H005H) 38in wide x 16in dia Roller die moves away from the extruder/mixer section via hydraulic ram. driven by 102kW DC variable speed motor thr...

Image Troester 90/60mm Duplex

Troester Duplex extruder (Co-extruder), Serial number: 250583/87, Year of manufacture: 1987   Upper extruder: Model QSM90 90mm screw dia Pin barrel type with 8 rows of 6 pins, L/D ratio 12:1, Power roller feed 66kW DC variable speed mo...

Image Francis Shaw 90mm Cold Feed Extruder

Francis Shaw.Single Screw. Vented. 90mm Dia. 20-1 L/D. With 5 New TCU's. Serial No.164091.Year of Manufacture Dec.1991 Gear Box. H2-225. Ratio 22.765/1 Thrige Scott DC Motor 63 KW. 2000 RPM. 460V.153 A.

Image Nakata Zoki DUPLEX 150/150mm

Nakata Zoki Kobe, Japan (Troester design) Duplex Extruder Unit Dual 6" (150mm) dia. PIN Type Extruders, Year of manufacture: 1990, with Roller Feed, and duplex Die. L/D ratio 16:1 Number of Pins: 10 Rows x 8 Pieces, Spare ...

Image Shaw 85mm CFE

Francis Shaw 85mm Cold Feed Extruder. 85mm single screw CFE. with Roller-feed. Year 1980. Vented.  20-1LD.   With hinged head.   Motor 75HP.

Image 2 x Lescuyer 60mm dia Coldfeed Rubber Extruders

2 x Lescuyer 60mm dia coldfeed rubber extruders, Year: 1994, L/D ratio 20:1, power roller feed, vacuum vented with vacuum pump, jacketed barrel with 4 x heating/cooling zones + screw. (Heaters not included) hinged cross head with hydraulic Bayon...

Image Buss PR200 11LD

1 x Buss (Coperion) PR200 Ko-Kneader, Model PR200-11D, Year: 2004 (refurbished), L/D ratio 11:1, G130 gearbox, Siemens 352kW DC variable speed motor, Swing head with chopper, Feed hopper with screw auger. Complet...

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