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Meccaniche Moderne 2300mm wide 4 Roll inv L PVC Calender Line

Complete PVC Calender Line supplied new in 1988 by Meccaniche Moderne and consisting of:-
1) Turbo mixer 1500 litre (stainless steel)
2) Twin Coolers 2500 litre each
3) Weighing unit and storage (Simbianca)
4) Battenfeld 250mm dia planetary extruder (2500kg/hr output)
5) Battenfeld 250mm dia Strainer Extruder (under vacuum)
6) 2 roll open mill 1800mm wide x 600mm dia with peripherally drilled rolls and motorised nip adjustment
7) Conveyor with metal detector
8) 2300mm wide x 710mm dia 4 roll inverted L calender, peripherally drilled rolls,
max working width 2100mm, current product thickness 0,08/0,5,
cross axis 3rd roll, roll bending 4th roll,
motorised nip adjustment,
unidrive gearbox on flexible couplings with individual DC variable speed drive to each roll.
9) Multiroll take off and stretching device
10) Embossing Unit
11) 13 roll cooling unit
12) Beta thickness measuring gauge
13) Jumbo rolls automatic winder (MAIER)
14) Automatic embossing roll changer
Full electrical and working control devices

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