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Troester 90/60mm Duplex

Troester Duplex extruder (Co-extruder),
Serial number: 250583/87,
Year of manufacture: 1987
Upper extruder:
Model QSM90
90mm screw dia
Pin barrel type with 8 rows of 6 pins,
L/D ratio 12:1,
Power roller feed
66kW DC variable speed motor
4 zone TCU
Lower extruder:
Model GS60
60mm screw dia
Plain barrel type
L/D ratio 11:1
Power roller feed 
16kw DC variable speed motor 
2 zone TCU 
With Hydraulically operated tread head - aperture size 200mm x 20mm.  Large selection of dies available  (approx 80).
Complete with electrical controls, all manuals/drawings and various spare parts (including spare screw/barrel for both machines).

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