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Berstorff 2m 4 Roll Inverted L

Berstorff 2000mm wide x 650mm dia 4 roll inverted L calender,
Motorised nip adjustment,
Adjustable material guides,
Cored rolls with electrical water heating to rolls 1 and 2,
Peripherally drilled rolls with high pressure hot water heating to rolls 3 and 4 (boiler/water heaters included),
Bronze bush type bearings with flood lubrication,
Hydraulic pre-load,
Roll bending on rolls 3 and 4,
Cross axis on rolls 1 and 3,
Full unidrive gearbox with selectable 2 speed ratios and independent motors to each roll.
Motor power: 160kw AC variable speed motors (with force vent) to rolls 3 and 4, 110kw AC variable speed motors (with force vent) to rolls 1 and 2.
With electrical controls including Cegelec inverter drives for each roll.
In good condition.
Lots of spare parts available (including 12 x spare calender rolls).

QTY 10 x oil heated take off rolls (including 5x oil heaters.

QTY 1 x Hydraulic embossing station with rubber roller and 1 x embossing roll (including 1 x oil heater)

QTY 8 x cooling rolls - water cooled (including 6 x water cooling units)

Thickness gauge not included/available (other options can be offered).

QTY 1 x set of turnover bars

QTY 1 x edge trimming machine with nip roller

QTY 1 x Bastion 2 station turret winder (2000mm wide), max dia 1000mm. Year 1990's.

Including electrical controls - mostly upgraded to Siemens S7-300 plc but older type S5 plc on calender itself (software copies available)

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