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Euro Rubber Lines

Euro Rubber Lines is based in Thornton, near Blackpool and has been established for over 15 years, specialising in used Rubber Processing Equipment. During the years, Euro Rubber Lines has built up a reputation for supplying good quality machinery at very low prices.

With over 5 acres of storage space, we are by far, the largest stockist in the UK.

Euro Rubber Lines also has substantial expertise in the dismantling, removal and transportation of heavy industrial machinery. The company owns and operates a large number of vehicles and plant such as our latest addition - the brand new 60 reg DAF CAT2 Tractor unit, 60 ton low loader plant trailer, 80ton metre hi-ab trailer, 55ton metre hi-ab trailer and large range of forklifts, machine skates etc. Click here

Our range of forklifts include, the Versa-Lift 40/60 with a lift and carry facility of 27 tons (on jib or forks) and the monstrous Versa-Lift 60/80 with a lift and carry facility of up to 45.5 tons (on jib or forks), for more information Click here.

It makes sense to contact Euro Rubber Lines, whatever your rubber processing requirements.




Euro Rubber Lines Ltd has recently purchased the contents of the Continental Tyre factory in Clairoix, France - available items include: Farrel F620 Banbury, Krupp GK270 Banbury, Kobelco TSR330 roller die, various 84in mills, cracker mills, Autoform presses etc


Euro Rubber Lines Ltd has also just secured a deal to aquire equipment from the Bridgestone factory in Australia - available items include: Duplex Extruder (2 x 150mm PIN type), Bridge 18/15in dump extruder with 42in roller die, Farrel 18/22in dump extruder, 2 x NRM 4.5in coldfeed extruders, 42in 4 roll inverted L calender, MDR Rheometer + much more...

Where Are We

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Hillhouse International Business Park
U.K. FY5 4QD


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